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Ayurveda Yoga Benefits:

Hectic lifestyle, over-indulgence of junk food, and a sedentary existence have made us much more prone to diseases than our ancestors were. This is something all of us know and have heard about repeatedly.

Are we doing anything about it?

There sure seems to be a rising trend to get fitter. But, being fit or fitness is not just about pumping iron in the gym. It is about creating harmony between your mind and body. Being fit is about being flexible and toned, breathing right, and staying happy and positive towards life. Most importantly, fitness is about leading a disease-free life.

For achieving this equilibrium and high quality of life, we need to return to our roots and draw from the natural ways of healing and prevention. Yoga and regular oil massages are two of the best solutions to this.

Yoga, as we know it, is a set of breathing patterns and positions (among other things) we pull our body into that affects all our organs positively. When you start doing Yoga, you will experience better overall fitness, healthy weight loss, greater awareness, enhanced intuition, and increased levels of energy and improved relationships. Let’s understand exactly how Yoga affects your body.


  • Exercises Cartilage and Prevents Joint Breakdowns

There is a certain cartilage in our body that are not used regularly. Yoga helps to squeeze and soak these idle cartilage. Cartilage functions to its full efficiency when the fluid is squeezed out and the new supply is soaked up. When the cartilage remains unused, it can eventually wear out and the underlying brake pads can become vulnerable to breakage and injury. Doing yoga regularly keeps your joint and cartilage active and lubricated, and prevents an occurrence of diseases like degenerative arthritis and other impairments.

  • Boosts Your Bones

Strong bones are necessary for good health as one age. Yoga comprises several poses that require balancing your weight. These poses help strengthen your bones and ward off bone fragmentation and osteoporosis. A study conducted by California State University revealed that practicing yoga can increase bone density in the vertebrae and help retain calcium in the bones.


  • Relieves Stress

Stress is a modern-day epidemic and most of us are struggling to deal with it. Meditation and pranayama, which are integral parts of yoga, are tried-and-tested ways of relieving stress. Pranayam opens the mind to the present and allows it to focus and stay happy.

  • Manages and Regulates Adrenal Glands

“Blame it on the hormones!” How many times and for how many ailments do we hear this?

Believe it or not, yoga can stabilize your hormones. This implies that yoga can help you regulate your cortisol levels. Thus, it can help you combat depression, memory-loss, insulin resistance, osteoporosis, weight gain, mood swings, and high blood pressure. Regular yoga lowers the cortisol levels post a crisis and thus, protects your immune system.


The Power of Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Ayurvedic remedies are the best-kept secrets for a lot of health issues. If Yoga remains the go-to option for a multitude of disorders, another Ayurvedic remedy that can work wonders for your external appearance, and inner strength and equilibrium is Ayurvedic oil massage.

Oil massage is often called Abhayangam in Ayurveda. In India, adults and babies are given an oil massage. This practice yields numerous benefits and can be your elixir to a disease-free life. Watch a few tutorials or ask an Ayurvedic practitioner to teach you self-massage. It comes with the following benefits:


  • Rids You of Body Aches

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to get that much-needed oil massage when every part of your body is aching? Here’s what you need to know:

Oil massage, when done regularly, can help beat body pain. Ayurvedic oil massages work on your muscles and nerves and help ease body aches. The massage strokes help increase blood circulation and release certain hormones and secretions that help alleviate pain.

  • Improves Heart Health

Heart ailments scare us all. Did you know that regular oil massage can help improve your cardiac health immensely? There are points on the right palm and the sole that is connected to the reflex center of the heart. Apply a light, but regular pressure on these points to help your heart function better and stay healthy. Gugguol is another Ayurvedic secret to keep your heart healthy and vibrant for long.

  • Helps You Beat Cold

Among its abundant benefits, Ayurvedic oil massage also helps to deal with persistent cold and sinusitis. Massage your eyes, nose, forehead and the area behind the ears to relieve symptoms of the cold. Certain Ayurveda practitioners may also put a few drops of treated medicated oil in your nostrils to ease sinusitis and cold symptoms.

  • Aids Good Sleep

They say adequate sleep is the antidote to most of our ailments. An oil massage helps you to sleep better. Don’t be surprised if you inadvertently fall asleep when getting an oil massage. Regular oil massage will help you de-stress, and relax your mind and muscles. Supplement these oil massages with yoga poses to get blissful sleep and a healthy body.

  • Is Good for New Mothers

Oil massage is good for babies as well as well as new mothers. While it aids the better formation of bones, muscles and shapely limbs for the child, it also helps the mother get rid of her stretch marks post-delivery. Oil massages stimulate the production of melatonin, which helps in lightening stretch marks. This practice also helps to keep the mother’s and the baby’s skin smooth and supple.


The Verdict

While conventional branches of medicine have developed immensely and have cures for most diseases, wouldn’t it be nice to live a life free of diseases altogether? Yoga and Ayurvedic remedies help you live a life that is all about holistic development and prevention. Every time you get a surgery done or take a pill, which has become more common now than ever, you are altering your body in an unnatural way. Ayurveda can prevent such alterations. Yoga and oil massages are especially useful in this respect. With Ayurveda, you may not see the benefits immediately, but in the long-term, you will have a body with a strong immune system and well-functioning organs that can stand wear and tear, allows you to age gracefully, and helps you lead a fulfilling life.

About Author:
Axara Sharma is a content writer. She writes on several topics, which include lifestyle and healthcare. She extensively writes about hair Ayurvedaurveda and herbal remedies for IRAYA. Apart from the written word, she loves the outdoors and being a foodie!


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