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Be young at heart plays important role in maintaining well being and disease free life. There are various factors which increase the risk of developing heart diseases. World heart federation is celebrating this world heart day to prevent cardiovascular disease amongst women and children.

WHO says globally number of people die due to cardiovascular diseases than any other cause?. 80% of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases occur in low and middle-income countries. WHO reports suggest that by 2030 almost 23.6 million people will die due to cardiovascular diseases.  Experts suggest prevention is the best measure to prevent the onset and prevalence of the condition.

It is a myth that men get affected by heart disease. Women are equally at high risk to develop heart diseases. World heart federation suggests one in three women die due to heart disease, showing one death per minute.  Children are at risk being impaired lifestyle and seeing elder suffering from disease increase stress for them.

There are different risk factors leading to heart disease. Some are in our hand which we can modify and delay the onset of the disease or prevent it; whereas some are not I our hand. There are following risk factors for heart disease:

Be young at heart-

Non-Modifiable causes:

  1. Age: More than 83% of people dying from heart disease are 65 or older.
  2. Sex: Men have a greater risk of heart attack than women. Though the risk of heart disease in women increases after menopause.
  3. Family history: History of parents or close relatives having heart diseases increases the risk.
  4. Race: The risk is higher among African Americans, Mexican Americans, American Indians etc.

Modifiable Causes:

Smoking: Smoking is the major risk factor for heart disease. Because carbon monoxide (from the smoke) and nicotine both put a strain on the heart by making it work faster. They also increase the risk of blood clot. Other chemicals in cigarette smoke damage the lining of your coronary arteries leading to furring of arteries. Smoking increases the risk of heart disease by 24%

Cholesterol: Cholesterol is the fat made by the liver from the saturated fat that we eat. Cholesterol is essential for healthy cells but if there is too much in the blood it can lead to coronary heart disease. Lipoproteins carry cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Lipoproteins are mainly of 2 types:

  1. LDL-Low Density Lipoproteins
  2. HDL- High-Density Lipoprotein

LDL is termed as “bad cholesterol”. It tends to build up on arterial walls increasing the risk of heart disease.

HDL is termed as “good cholesterol”. It carries cholesterol away from the heart.

Be young at heart-

High Blood Pressure: Hypertension strains the heart leading to coronary heart disease. It leads your heart to thicken and become stiffer. It increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and congestive heart failure.

When high blood pressure exists along with other risk factors the chances of stroke increases with many folds.

Physical Inactivity: Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk for any heart disease.

Obesity: People having excess body fat especially if it is around the waist have a higher risk of coronary heart disease. You can say a person obese when his or her weight is 20% or more above normal weight. The most common measure of obesity is BMI (Body Mass Index)

Diabetes: About 3 quarter people with diabetes die from some form of heart or blood vessel disease.

High CRP: (C-reactive protein): The body produces CRP during the process of inflammation. It is correlated with heart disease. Inflammation of arteries has been linked to increased risk of heart disease. CRP is the marker of inflammation, meaning its presence indicates an increase inflammation in the body.




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