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Corporate Wellness Program: Wellness is just beyond the absence of disease and good health. In today’s competitive age everyone is undergoing attack of toxins, pollutants, stress, unhealthy food, erratic working culture etc. in return everything is costing us on health.  Corporate wellness programs which are planned for masses (for different organizations) are originated from the western world.

Corporate wellness programs

Corporate wellness programs

What is Corporate Wellness Program?

It is a program designed for a workplace to achieve employee wellbeing and good health.  Predesigned and tested wellness program is beneficial for employer and employees as well.   The planning of such program involves organization policymakers and a team of experience in health and wellness to make a difference in employee health status. It is usually covered under flexible time schedule, monitored kitchen facilities, the activity of support group along with group consultations and elevated motivation.

Why is the basic need for Wellness program?

As per WHO present statistics, 805 premature heart disease, stroke, and diabetes can be prevented. L health observatory has identified following factors as Risk factors which can be managed:

To Track, these preventable conditions one need Wellness Program which can be a one-stop solution to the corporates and offer wellness solutions. There is a difference between wellness and treating a disease.  Running a wellness program benefits organization in long run.

Most important things Employer can concentrate on health programs are:

1. The first thing to take into account is the idea that you’re preferred for workplace health programs really needs to be done by the qualified and licensed crew. This is certainly important because your workers have to know the outcomes they’re getting are 100% effective and trustworthy.

2. Start off a jogging club in early hours, during lunch break, or right after working hours. The greater amount of people you get to involved in the group, so much is better. In case you can’t try this, most likely encourage employees to choose the stairs often. Even a small bit of extra exertion is going to make a difference.

3. Host a weight loss organization at your workplace. Allow it to be convenient for employees through health and wellness program while they work with group meetings by holding themselves on location.

4. Allow employees to clean up themselves with little efforts. Office clarity is a foundation of the employee wellness program. Provide customized hand sanitizer and hand soap to employees making sure that they will be able to keep their hands, mouths, and work-spaces clean.

5. Substitute junk food along with healthier options. Candies are delicious, but they can also be nasty for us. Wave your employees’ preferences by limiting their fast food choices for merchandise food and snack bowls.

As you have seen, workplace health programs are productive, but they will also be expensive and time-consuming. Nonetheless, workplace health programs are definitely worth the effort. They often help in keeping employees pleased and nutritious every day.

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