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What is PCOS?
     The polycystic ovary is little bigger than normal ovary. In this case almost, the double follicle(water cell or small cyst) can be seen than natural ovary.
According to researches, at least 20 women suffers from PCOS out of 100 women. In analysed data, 6-7% of an average ratio suffers.
★ Signs & Symptoms in PCOS:
◆ Irregular period or totally stopped for irregular periods.
◆ Troubles in conceiving that means infertility decreases which means reduced fertility.
◆ Unnatural hair growths in face & neck which is Hirsuitism.
◆ Hairfall starts from scalp.
◆ Weight gain will be fast & ratio of put on weight is fast.
◆ Oily skin with huge acne sometimes.
◆ Stressed & mood swing with extremely puzzled.
◆ Sometimes noticed with such cases; patients screening by extremly/mild signs & symptoms.
★ Why it occurs?
    Truly if someone wants to know about polycystic ovary syndrome why it happens in body(women) the reason couldn’t found adequately by researcher’s. In old age pcos occurs due to  heredity. In family somebody was having either mother, sister, daughter else. Pcos occurs mainly for unnatural hormonal imbalance ratio. Hormone is a chemical messenger which controls health functions. Ovary produce Testesteron hormone which oftenly womens suffer from pcos. It can be found there testesteron hormone is increase at this time. Additionally different signs & symptomps can be seen.
★ How to diagnosis?
     Consult to a Gyaneac specialist Dr. & Dietitian at this period.
★ Long term affect in health?
     If not treated in time with detect pcos so it can be occurs a long term health affect into body.
★ Insulin resistance & diabetes?
     The fluctuations of hormonal imbalance  can be seen with insulin resistance which related to Diabetic.
★ Hypertension?
    Whoever is taking long term oral medications for HTN medicines it’s bad impact on heart diseases.
★ Next step cardiac diseases?
    Cardiac diseases occur due to cross line of obesity grade. Obesity causes heart palpitations, ischemnic heart diseases etc.
★ Cancer?
    If the Endrometric cells are more sometimes needed for operations. If not treated on exact treatment in exact period so critical illness like cancer disease can be seen.
★ Stressed & mood swing?
   Due to hormonal changes, hormonal imbalance  in body your stress & mood swing occur all together.
★ Snoring & giddiness(lathergic) in day time?
    During sleep snoring occurs in pcos & feels lathergic in day time all because of PCOD.
★ What is the solution?
    Proper dietary modifications can also help cure partially not permanently. Therefore, track your PCOS diet chart by your Doctor Or Dietitian.
★ Once weight reduced-will get the benefit?
    As you reduce your weight, you will feel some good changes in body & mind.
★ Regular health diagnosis or check-up?
    Regular check-ups & diagnosis will also help PCOS treatments.
★ Is there relief?
     If relief or not in PCOD but somehow it can be cure or prevent some cases who follows all above mentioned guidelines into PCOS treatment

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