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“Laughter is the best part of human survival kit.”

-David Nathan

Rightly said proverb prove every word in the sentence. We all have got so busy in our work and busy lifestyle that we have forgotten the importance of smile or laugh. Moreover we have forgotten to laugh. There was a time when laughter meant moments to us. Moments which we have shared with our loved ones.

It’s not only about emotions, laughing is beneficial according to science also. It is an exercise which stretches 32 muscles on your face. It has been proved scientifically that laughing is very good for health. Thus many people have started attending laughter clubs and many have started such clubs in their societies also.

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Laughter a healthy medicine

When a general question, “why is laughing important from your point of view?” was to everyone we gained following replies.

  • Laughing makes you internally happy.
  • It reduces tension and frustrations.
  • It boosts up our mood.
  • It reduces stress and works as a stress buster.
  • It keeps your facial skin young.
  • It works as anti-depressing exercise.
  • Laughing relaxes you mind and works as meditation also.
  • It reduces anger and sadness in our mind.

According to our experts, Laughing stimulates a feel good hormone which relieves stress as well as improves your overall physical and mental status. It is an exercise to facial muscles and helps in anti-aging. It is a best ever medicine for proper blood circulation. We change physiologically when we laugh. We stretch muscles throughout our body which increases our blood pressure and we breathe faster thus sending more oxygen to our tissues.

Laughing is something which comes from heart so keeps your heart active and young. Many a times the magic which laughter clubs can’t do that is done by simple actions of our near and dear ones. Genuinely laughing for 15 minutes every day gives you benefit of sleeping for 2 hours.

So the simplest secret of healthy lifestyle is…. Open your heart and Laugh a loud…….!!!

If you have any more views on laughing or its importance, feel free to express your views here.

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