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We are mostly aware of the health benefits of lemon water, which is famous for weight loss concept. But we don’t know much about this. Researchers have proved that this small yellowish-green colored fruit has many other benefits on our health.

Now, the time has come to know why we’ll give the importance this fruit.Health benefits of Lemon

  • Nutritive value per 100 gm:-
Nutrients Nutritive value
 Calorie 29 kcal
 Total fat 0.3 gm
 Cholesterol 0 mg
 Sodium 2 mg
 Potassium 138 mg
 Total carbohydrate 9 gm
 Dietary fiber 2.8 gm
 Sugar 2.5 gm
 Protein 1.1 gm
Vitamin C 88%
  •  Some Beneficial Effects of Lemon:
  1. It turns your body alkaline and prevent some bacteria growth, which grow in acidic medium, and also promotes many infectious diseases.
  2. Lemon contains vitamin C which is natural oxidant in our body. It helps to increase immunity.
  3. It contains Potassium which is beneficial for reducing blood glucose level, hypertension, cardiac disease. But it’s not recommended for Potassium restricted diet ( as in renal patients ).
  4. Used as a natural detoxifier; which removes toxins from the body and treat constipation due to the presence of pectin in the lemon.
  5. Maintains pH balance in the body & supplies energy by lowering the stress level.
  6. Lemon promotes proper insulin secretion from the pancreas and control blood glucose level.
  7. It kills the bacteria which are responsible for UTI (urinary tract infection ) and prevent sepsis.
  8. Lemon contains Potassium & Citrate which prevents crystallization to build up Uric acid in the body & act as ‘Diuretics’ by flushing out excess fluid from the body.
  9. Reduce morning sickness for pregnant mothers.
  10. Regular use kills parasites, worms from the colon.
  11. Treat scurvy & prevent bad breath which may be responsible for growing bacteria in the mouth and in the liver. Lemon kills those.
  12. By inhaling warm lemon water clear the nasal passage and reduce to grow polyps.

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