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Christmas is festive season which comes with happiness, enjoyment, holidays and good food. Yes, we all deserve that treat! Billions of people around the world celebrate this festive season.  This celebration is not limited to religion or specific set of people. So, have you also geared up for the celebration? Here are few things which will make your this X-mas a healthy and wise. We wish you Merry Christmas in a healthy style:

  • Its a holiday time: tis time to relive your stress. Come out of your home, leave your mobile, tablets, i pads and i phone and celebrate your holidays. You do all that hard work through out the year. So celebrate these holidays with dedication.
  • Kick off that stress: We all know today’s life is full of stress, may it be physical stress, mental stress or both. You need to kick off this stress. holiday times are best to get refreshed and relieve that stress which is accumulating for long. Dont leave this opportunity and get going!
  • Hey, Celebration does not mean binge on food: If you still have a habit of binging on food , you need a specialist help. Eating habits can be managed during holidays. Make sure during this celebration you are not eating too much junk food which will harm your health in long run. Seek a balance!
  • Leave your cars, bikes behind and go on a long walk: Well, this is a such an fantastic idea to go on a long walk with nature. Find out a place where you can enjoy street walk, jog, climbing hills or rafting. Unknowingly it will give you good amount of exercise. So, you dont have to worry about excess amount of calories coming from your Christmas cake!
  • Enjoy your grilled fish over meat and pork: Healthy cooking methods will hep you in long run. Make sure you do not go for too much of fried food. As non veg food takes long time to digest, if it is fried will harm you more.
  • Glass of wine is allowed: For many alcohol is a part of celebration, mind you which kind of alcohol you chose. Glass of wine is allowed. in fact it will be good for your health.
  • Drive safely post partying: Yes, we need to mention it here to drive safely. During festive seasons road traffic accidents are seen commonly, make sure you allow all rules for your well being.

Celebrations are part of life. But cautious efforts to make it more enjoyable is in our hands. what more tips did you got from your near and dear ones on this holiday season? Do let us also know!

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