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Weight loss  as we all feel is about what we eat and how many calories we consume, but basically there are lot many factors behind it, something as simple as ” eating your breakfast” can also help in losing weight, let me discuss with you some simple tricks you can use in order to lose weight along with a healthy diet plan.

  1.  Set goals– Its important to set a goal to reach the goal, without a specific goal in mind you dont reach anywhere
  2. Have a plan -Before beginning your journey towards healthy weight , have a plan ready to follow and try to follow it as much as you can.
  3. Chew food well– Half of the digestion happens in your mouth, when food mixes well with your saliva, teeth are there for chewing food well, don’t just gulp your food down the throat, few not well digested can also lead to gaining weight
  4. Eat slowly, eat mindfully– Eating slowly and giving attention to what you eat helps you to digest your food well and also helps you enjoy the process of eating
  5. Eat vegetables with every meal- It is important to include vegetables in form of salads, soups or sabji with every meal, vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals plus are low in calories, it helps give feeling of satiety.
  6. Eat protein with every meal– Protein are important part of our diet, they help increase our metabolism and also help to repair wear and tear of body muscles.A diet with required amount of lean proteins aids in weight loss
  7. Cook at home– Avoid outside foods, they are high in not so good fats, colours, salt and preservatives.
  8. Learn to read labels – It is very important to know what goes into the food you eat, some of the things, like hidden fats and sugars can infact make you overweight
  9. Avoid foods with high salt content – They may lead to water retention
  10. Start eating healthy not dieting– Choose your foods well, learn what is good for you and your body and what is not
  11. Love your body- It has been working to keep you working day and night, it needs good attention from you too. Give it real and nourishing foods
  12. Sleep well- Lack of sleep leads to gaining weight
  13. Keep stress at bay– Being stress can be one of the reason for weight gain.
  14. Dont be discouraged , weight loss takes time and quick fixes are not long lasting
  15. Never lose sight of your goal.
  16. Avoid drinking calories – Avoid drinks high in sugars and calories.
  17. Exercise Regularly
  18. Dont binge eat after diet slip ups– We are all humans and are subject to err, its natural to slip up sometimes, but that doesnt mean we fail, we can get back to eating healthy the next moment.

Last but not the least- Get up and follow now what you have read.

Wish you good luck.} else {

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