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Top 10 Tips for Healthy Diwali

By November 6, 2018No Comments

Sweets are the indispensable part of any festive season. When it comes to a person keep an eye on your weight, the preference is always given to the festival & family celebrations turning a blind eye to rising weight! Quite understandable, these are the treasured moments in life… But how happy a person would be if he could keep a check on weight while enjoying the festive foods?

Yes, here is the solution; you can enjoy your Diwali taking care of weight with the help of top 10 tips for healthy diwali-

1. Use natural sweeteners like honey, dates, raisins, fruits etc. instead of sugar to prepare

Healthy tips to make diwali diabetes friendly

Healthy tips to make diwali diabetes friendly


2. Use low fat and low sugar options (e.g. skimmed milk, sugar free sweets etc).

3. When you serve sweets and snacks, add double the amount of salads & fruits to the plate.

4. Go for roasted (chiwda) or baked (karanji) versions instead of fried snacks. Avoid Vanaspati (Dalda) completely.

5. Serve in smaller plates and go for smaller amount.

6. Eat dry roasted nuts and dry fruits in their natural form instead of fried, salted or sugared version.

7. Before eating snacks, drink a glass of water / any unsweetened liquid.

8. Try to have dark chocolates instead of milk chocolates/ Cadbury.

9. Compensate for high calorie food by eating less rice, bread, chapattis etc during the meal.

10. Never skip your workout; exercise helps lower blood sugar levels. Try to burn as many calories as possible which you have consumed extra.

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